Downtown Red Wing Action Plan

A must read of an excellent comprehensive study on where we are, how things may change, and where we are going. Click the image to view the report.



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6 responses to “Downtown Red Wing Action Plan

  1. The Action Plan is very comprehensive. I believe that with today’s economic environment it is important to address the affect of the current fiscal crisis being dealt with by all forms of government as they may relate to plan assumptions since it seems probably that economic recovery will be slow. Specifically:

    How will personal and business cash flow and fund utilization change from the assumed trends?

    What can be expected as available funding through conventional allocation mechanisms and grants, if any?

    The Upper Harbor Master Plan was estimated to cost $25 million to $27 million to complete and timelines were provided for anticipated development segments, what could be reasonably expected for the Downtowntown Action plan since it is vastly more expansive?

    Wouldn’t it be prudent to put together a big picture business plan to compare expenditures and revenues to precipitate an initial cost benefit analysis.

    This seems prudent based on some of the cost per capita recently posted.

    Just a few thoughts based on a quick review.

  2. carol duff

    Many people worked very hard on this. Thanks to Randel Hemmerlin, Brian Peterson all of Downtown Mainstreet and many, many more. I believe it will come together in pieces over a matter of years. But it will be worth it to take it step by step.

  3. John Becker

    The Downtown Action Plan is broad framework of 35 action points targeted to both near and long term objectives to improve Downtown. Call Downtown Mainstreet to get a copy for yourself.

    It cost the city $38k, which is cheap for a comprehensive consultant report. It is a good report in my opinion because there is something for everyone to find disagreement with. I like it because it addresses livability issues. I don’t care for the narrow definition of some neighborhoods.

    The largest gray area of the Downtown Action Plan is funding. Who pays for the stewardiship of the Action Plan? Property owners? The Port? The HRA? The VCB?

  4. These comments are quite helpful. They’ll educate the panel and the public.

  5. carol duff

    Read Richard Florida. Economics is really based on keeping your character. Be the place where people would like to live. They will figure out a way to make a living. Except, under the current economy and without broadband that is difficult.

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