Feasibility of Fiber Optic Network in Red Wing

The City of Red Wing, via Hiawatha Broadband, has applied for federal stimulus funds for a build out of a fiber network in Red Wing.  Attached is a feasibility study of Fiber To The Home  (FTTH) in Red Wing. The issue of the cost and impact of a local fiber network on our economic development will soon be before the City Council as a decision on the application for funds is due any day now.



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5 responses to “Feasibility of Fiber Optic Network in Red Wing

  1. Duffy Schafer

    Kent, you know how I feel about the “study”.

  2. carol duff

    Will the government ever make a decision on the stimulus money in this area?


    I did not think this was the intended scope of the committee, to look at individual projects. It should be to look at the big picture, Port Authority, HRA, Planning Commission, and even the County EDA as it pretains to economic development in Red Wing. The committee is not an economic development agency.

  4. The independent Panel has yet to meet to address the scope of its work. To what extent, it any, the Panel reviews the Fiber build-out is unknown. Some may think Fiber is part of the big picture, some may not.

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