Local Municipal Spending

Local property taxes are often used by cities to compare themselves to other communities.  It is also a factor in business retention/location decisions.

For comparison purposes, I’ve used city spending instead of property taxes, as other communities don’t have a nuclear power plant contributing to the tax base. I used the same baseline for comparison purposes. LGA unallotment has impacted all of these cities.  I’ve compiled data on LGA cuts for the cities listed in the original comparison. Obviously, Red Wing is not alone in substantial LGA cuts.

The spending comparison linked below lays out current expenditures, public safety, and economic development, and compares Red Wing to nine other area cities.  Public safety and economic development are part of total current expenditures.  Current expenditures do not include debt service or capital outlays. I’m also including the 2009 State Auditor’s Report on Minnesota City Budgets upon which my comparisons are based.

City population is based upon 2008 census estimates. Of the cities listed, Red Wing, Albert Lea, Austin, and Winona have experienced population declines since the 2000 census.  The other cities have grown.

Each city has different issues, and understanding our spending is not as simple as comparing it to others, yet comparisons can be useful.

Red Wing Spending Comparison

State Auditor’s Report

Minnesota Census Information

LGA Unallotment Comparison


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One response to “Local Municipal Spending

  1. carol duff

    This is one that I need to take responsibility for. How much do we want the Red Wing that we all love? How much can we cut and keep the city that we love? How much can we each do individually as volunteers to reduce costs? There are many questions to be asked in making the decisions. We also do not want to defer something only to find it costs more later.

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