Port Authority Timeline

When I began to review Port Authority minutes I decided to make a timeline for the past five years.  As usual, you can view online or save to your desktop.  Use the toolbar back and forth arrows to move within the document. I hope you find it useful.   Timeline.

(The timeline was made with BeeDocs Timeline 3D for Mac and exported into Adobe Acrobat.)



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7 responses to “Port Authority Timeline

  1. sueinmn

    I notice a number of deferrd payments for Red Wing Cabinetry. When are these loans payed back? Does this have an effect on the Ports deficits?

  2. Kathy Radmer

    I appreciate some historical information as we begin. Could the panel be given a hard copy of some of these significant dates so we have them in front of us as we work?

    • I’ll print up the timeline, and look at what else we might need. The panel is not staffed, so to speak, but we may be able to find some help in getting documents printed at least.

  3. sueinmn

    I would like to see the panel look at these deferred payments. At some point, don’t these businesses need to stand on their own. This one in particular, I question because of connections with the GRWDC. (partners) Is their such a thing as preferential treatment within the Port? Are these deferrments in the best interest of the publics use of taxpayer money and how do we the taxpayers benefit? When do we see a payback with interest?

  4. sueinmn

    Could anyone direct me to the minutes records dating back to the year 2000 and earlier? Were they purged for some reason as the City Council records date to very early years of Red Wing. Thank you again.

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