The Rural Brain Drain

From the Chronicle of Higher Education comes this disturbing article.

The hollowing out of our communities is not news for us in rural Minnesota.  The news will be what we do about it. Will school districts, cities, and counties begin to act in concert to address this issue?  What will the Panel do?

You can purchase of a copy of Hollowing Out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What it Means for America here. Watch Mr. Carr on C-SPAN discuss in vivid terms, the hollowing out.  A compelling video.

Mr. Carr is also the author of Clean Streets, which is partially available here at Google Books.

Methland: The Life and Death of an American Small Town. Watch author Nick Reding discuss his book about how economic disparities and pressures contribute to middle America disintegration.      C-SPAN. More about the book here.

On a lighter, and often humorous note, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for the need of an educational system that better nurtures the creativity in all our children.  His contention is that creativity now is as important to education as literacy.  About 20 minutes in length here. If you have time, browse the TED website for some extraordinary videos.


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