Visitor Interest in Red Wing

A study from Gustavus Adolphus Geography students shows the origin of requests for information from the Red Wing Visitor and Convention Bureau.  (VCB) Click the map to go to the study link.  I’ll try to find the actual study.



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3 responses to “Visitor Interest in Red Wing

  1. John Becker

    I am not sure what this really says…it is a pin map of the various zip codes that visitor guides have been sent. Major metro areas dominate.

    Using web traffic date we should be able to measure traffic versus events, what search terms visitors find Red Wing, where they live, how long do they visit the site, what do they look at on the site, etc.

    This basic analytic data shouldn’t cost more than $100/month.

  2. The power of the internet tubes.

  3. Carol Duff

    Yeah Samantha, Keeping your hometown with you in college. Now to find a way to bring you back when you are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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