Get ready to rumble!!!

A short video on the upcoming City Council Meeting that will address the Rental Inspection Code litigation.  I’m looking forward to a robust debate.  If privacy rights are of concern to you, tune in.  With four council members up for election in a few months, this will be our chance to hear the basis for their vote.

Either the City appeals Judge King’s decision, rewrites the Code regarding administrative search warrants, or, ends the pursuit of administrative warrants.

MobileMe Gallery – Let’s get ready to rumble.

Judge King’s decision.

Republican Eagle article on inspection code.

Red Wing litigation page at Institute for Justice. You’ll find briefs and court decisions there.



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3 responses to “Get ready to rumble!!!

  1. sueinmn

    Anyone willing to seek the third ward seat, who will provide accountability, transparency and sincere representation of the citizens, I offer my time and footwork to assist you in winning a council seat! We need leadership and accountability, rather than words of “down playing tax increases” and irresponsibility towards the public. We need to replace council members who do not represent the best interests of the people and provide the public with changes needed to assure that we are receiving valued returns in forms of “public benefits” for which we pay through taxation. Any Council member who displays contempt towards the very core of our way of Democracy, does not deserve to hold a position of authority within this city.

  2. The election season has officially started!

  3. Kent Laugen – And all members within Red Wing City Council deserve much credit!

    At this time I’m not ready to take seat but perhaps a near future introduction into seat would be benifit!

    Question: Once you make oath onto seat; does that oath on seat incline some individuals or all individuals to their rights?

    Also: Like to add – To be voted into seat; is there a required level of education needed to win the popular vote?

    – Nick M.

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