Municipal Fiber needs more FDR localism, fewer state bans

“We need FDR to remind us that we are discussing the basic right of a community to invest in its future. Communities must not be held hostage by an absentee company that knows it can overcharge and under-invest without consequence.”

Municipal fiber needs more FDR localism, fewer state bans.

Where is the City on this issue?  We are maybe only 3-4 weeks away from being funded. Come on City, get it in gear.  Here is the City’s  FTTH (fiber to the home) feasibility study. Allow it time to load.

Link to Blandin on Broadband: Economic Development articles.

This issue will move quickly towards approval by the City Council once funding is approved, so better start reading.

Update: Rejected in the first round. It may be a few months now until results of second round.



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6 responses to “Municipal Fiber needs more FDR localism, fewer state bans

  1. sueinmn

    With such little information provided by the City other than a rare comment about working on the “Broadband Initiative”, it is difficult to know anything at all about this, as to where the city stands. We may merely receive an eleventh hour notice and the rest behind closed doors.

  2. My understanding is the City is all in on this issue. So the public will need to pay close attention.

  3. We have been rejected for stimuli $$$. It is time for everyone’s idea on how we can achieve this. There are no $$$$$ in the 2010 budget for fiber.

  4. Anonymous

    The Stimulus loss may be a blessing in disguise for taxpayers (As harsh as that sounds). As Council member Hove has stated, “We can’t have everything”. Money issues, property purchase desires, how can we even consider this under present fiscal conditions? As worthy as it, who will pay for it and with what? Does anyone in this community have statistics of how many unemployed or underemployed citizens are struggling and worried about their future? Has anyone maintained a tally of mortgage foreclosures within this taxing area? Again, WHO will pay for this and with what? The City has released no information and many people haven’t a clue of the size of project this would be. Why the quietness? Would this need to be passed with a referendum if pursued? Allow the citizens a decision on all major spending. If my choices are paying my bills or spending for this project, I know how I would have to vote, as choices are few these days.

    • There is attached to this post above, the link to City’s feasibility study on fiber. You should be able to find many answers to your questions from cost, financing, form of operation, etc.

      Keep in mind that this report was issued prior to the Monticello litigation being resolved in favor of the city. Consequently, the threat of litigation by an incumbent provider has been greatly reduced.

      Also, this study was issued prior to the stimulus funding of fiber projects.

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