Red Wing Charter Internet Speed

This is my Red Wing speed on Charter.   A friend in Cottage Grove is averaging about 26 Mb/s on Comcast. Comcast is offering 50 Mb/s service in St. Paul and St. Louis Park, maybe other MN cities, but it gets a tad pricey.  They are running DOCSIS 3.0 to achieve these speeds.  DOCSIS 3.0 explained here. Charter is offering 60 Mb/s service in some areas already.

I don’t know enough about what a fiber network would mean to the City as compared to cable internet, but I know there are legitimate, significant issues of connecting our schools, businesses, etc.  We need to think long-term.   We need to imagine the possibilities as much as we consider the realities.

But for residential customers, we are seeing some pretty nice speeds here now.


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One response to “Red Wing Charter Internet Speed

  1. pancakejamboree

    I dont know what i’m getting but I can go with low speed or stay within the average

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