$9 Million Question: Biosolids

The City should look into the feasibility of partnering with, and investing in,  the Ellsworth, WI  biosolids facilit

Ellsworth just invested $900,000 in their facility and might be very open to a partnership.  Put egos aside and take a hard look at this option.  City, don’t feed us all the reasons why this won’t work. Tell us how you can make this happen.

Our thinking must not stop at the city boundary, the county line,  or the shores of the Mississippi.  We can’t afford to be provincial.  This could be a win-win for taxpayers on both sides of the river.

p.s. City Council President Schultz testified on biosolids at the Legislature on January 25th.  Read it here.



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14 responses to “$9 Million Question: Biosolids

  1. Duffy Schafer

    If Favre stays with the Vikings another year will this quash and joint effort talks?

  2. Carol Duff

    As in trying to move forward in any project, all options must be considered. Please try to separate Favre from biosolids.

  3. sueinmn

    Did I understand the letter to the Editor written by Council Schultz? The Bio-solids facility is needed, and are they (council) hoping to pursue BOTH, a facility and the Mt. Carmel farm? Why not explore this partnership with Ellsworth, and/or invest the recent funds of the 800k land sale towards the permanent facility. Also if they need to wait for the money from the state, save what they have now for later! In this Legislature testifying that Council Schultz just participated in, he states how the city is environmentally conscious. Is this to be believed as true, if they continue to pursue the Mt. Carmel process??????

    • Carol Duff

      Sue, At this time Ellsworth is not big enough to handle all of our biosolids. Supposedly their facility is also old. That is why they (Ellsworth) as well as other communities in both Wisconsin as well as Minnesota have been meeting together with us to try to plan to build a new one with capacity to handle all the waste and some for the future. Amy Klobuchar had a bill in Congress last year to help with this. It got rejected in the end. Even if we could start right away, a facility here or in Ellsworth to handle this would take 4-5 years to come to existence. As I understand it Murphy is supporting our request for bonding in Minnesota. And I believe Wollschlauger had a bill in the past. I don’t know who will carry it in the house this year. It is the combination of state and federal that will allow it to come into existence. So, short term (4-5 years at least, we need more farm land. And that land needs to qualify with the MPC. It may be that the Mt. Carmel people have helped us to find that farm land. I hope so.

  4. I think I heard correctly that there is no bonding request for this project in any of the current bonding proposals at the Leguslature. If so, there is a $9 million price tag to the City.

  5. The City is sitting on $11 million Water fund? But bills keep going up?

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