How Can We Create Jobs? | From Minnesota 2020

Tuesday Talk: How Can We Create Jobs? | Hindsight – From Minnesota 2020.



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2 responses to “How Can We Create Jobs? | From Minnesota 2020

  1. The Jamboree

    Good find Kent:

    Looking at the stats, Minnesota ranks 39th in employment growth to the other ranks of 50 states is quite devestating: knowing that Minnesota is 11th from the bottom of 50 going up to 1. (whats that percentage).

    For Minnesota to stop at a decline they must be a call out for economic development teams (like a panel) like what Red Wing has developmet with the Mayor. – This should be alot of help –

    looking at competition with others states is a bad way to look at this but Minnesota must provide such oppurtunites to citizens for this growth; To be on a uprise!

    I think we’d have to look at “how to create a job.” How can we create a job and substain economic stability whereas your assets are not in the hands of lets say the Salem Witch Trials! =)

    I think creating jobs needs to start locally: Either partnership/co-op/sole proprietary/through the government would be a poifect way to begin

    Most jobs when created need the publicity for them to be well-known and send a trend into the community of investing into it and put those investmenst within the community!

    This is one of the only solutions I may at fist think of.


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