The Results of R.O.W.E. | GOVERNING

Hennepin County, Minnesota’s telework manager shares how she worked with employees, managers and unions to implement a results-based work environment.

The Results of ROWE | GOVERNING.

At the last City Council meeting Carol Duff again raised the idea for a program for employees to come up with cost savings plans which would be incentivized by financial rewards to employees.  Again,  a resounding “whatever”  from the rest of the Council.

The private sector routinely uses such programs, often with great success.  The benefits are obvious. Yet, this Council seems intent on raising fees, etc.  Why the City doesn’t want to hear from the employees bewilders me.  Are egos so fragile that they don’t dare let ideas come from the actual people that do the work for the residents?  This City, with it’s very high per capita spending, can ill afford to ignore any program that will help the City save money, become more efficient, and raise morale.



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2 responses to “The Results of R.O.W.E. | GOVERNING

  1. Duffy Schafer

    Biting my tongue only helps me. How selfish.

  2. sueinmn

    Carol also reported on info regarding the responsabilities of elected officials (regarding open meetings) and the response from the rest of the council was just to move on. No discussion, only moving on. I caught a remark from the council president and did it appear to be of a snicker type? Carol if you read this, THANK YOU for trying. You deserve to be seated in the middle chair!

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