Notes from 2/10/2010 Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting

While its true that many citizens have been involved in studying and developing a Fiber strategy for Red Wing,  technology continues to change.  I wonder if anyone on the Fiber Task Force two years ago would have thought we’d now have 20 Mbps service in Red Wing via Charter.  So, new questions are being asked, such as how will the rollout of higher cable internet speeds impact the business plan for Fiber in Red Wing.

With many midwestern small cities already getting 50 Mbps service via cable, and Waterloo, IA at a blazing 105 Mbps, the clear message from cable companies is this:  Game on, Fiber.

It sounds as if the City has walked away from Fiber to the home (FTTH) at this point. A Fiber build-out will be focused on the business end user, at least until the economy improves.  No Plan B if Hiawatha Broadband’s application for stimulus dollars is denied.  A Plan B could be forthcoming if the City Council starts moving on the issue.  Otherwise, we’re in wait and see mode. Tick, tick, tick.



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One response to “Notes from 2/10/2010 Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting

  1. Carol Duff

    I wouldn’t have thought that 2 years ago. Your conclusion was the way that I heard it also.

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