Burlington Telecom “Not Financially Viable”

Burlington Telecom

Click the image to go to a very informative article about Burlington, VT’s municipal fiber system.  There are also helpful local news videos.  2 years ago BT was a shining star, now, almost burned out with millions in debt.  A cautionary tale offered not in opposition to municipal fiber, but to stress the risks involved.

“For Burlington business leaders, the entire affair is an embarrassment.  Many believe significant harm will come from a city gaining a reputation for defaulting on its obligations.”

“The conclusion many have reached is that Burlington Telecom was naively planned, without sufficient regard to realistic projections of expenses and revenues, and lacks expertise to effectively compete with other local providers.  Building an advanced fiber network for your community is only as good as the services offered at a price that makes sense.  Alienate customers with ineffective marketing or out of touch product packaging, and your future will be in doubt.”


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