City Council discussion of Mt. Carmel Property Purchase 2/22/2010

Mt. Carmel.aac About 10 minutes.



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4 responses to “City Council discussion of Mt. Carmel Property Purchase 2/22/2010

  1. Carol Duff

    Kent, Thank you for posting this audio. Much work still likes ahead. When is a signed purchase agreement not a valid purchase agreement? Why did Mike Schultz and Kay Kuhlmann sign the purchase agreement after the state statute was presented? Am I wrong in hearing this? How can the fact that we voted not to support the purchase agreement invalidate it? I do admit that I am still learning but this whole process leaves a lot of questions in my mind.

    • Thank you. The audio is helpful for me, and others have said the same, to hear again what was said and sometimes pick up something missed.

      It’s also nice to be able to listen at your own convenience. Ch. 6 is great, but it has limits. I was reading about a MN city that recently started posting council meetings online, and the cost was not much at all.

  2. How do you “unapprove” a contract you already entered into? A purchase agreement is a contract.

    Why wasn’t it made absolutely clear to the Planning Commission, Sustainability Commission, and citizens that this was already a done deal?

    Thank you for bringing up the timeline issues at last night’s meeting. Will there be a public full disclosure?

  3. sueinmn

    So has the council gottem themselves into a pickle? Do they already have a signed purchase agreement, yet voted against the purchase? How does this work? Will they come clean to the public that they~~THEY~~ screwed up? Did someone overstep the process of the council and land purchases? If so, they may be held accountable for mistakes made and as usual, the taxpayers will be left holding the bag! Well I for one will be researching the law, the RW comprehensive plan and also the legal process of the council making land purchases. What will I find-anyone have the answers to save me time? Did they violate their own rules and how will they make amends if so? I shouldnt have to oppologize for ill feelings but everytime I feel the council takes steps forward to assure public trust and transparency, it gets ripped away! Am I alone in lost faith of this council?

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