Mesofacts: Slowly Changing Facts

“When people think of knowledge, they generally think of two sorts of facts: facts that don’t change, like the height of Mount Everest or the capital of the United States, or facts that change a lot, like the weather or the stock market close. But in between there is a third timescale, with its separate category of facts: facts that change slowly. This middle, or meso-, scale, of facts are the most interesting and yet the most slippery with which to be acquainted. These change over the course of a single human lifetime but we tend to nonetheless view them as constant.”

I thought of this site in terms of government and economic development.  For example, our Port Authority was established over 20 years ago, but with gradual changes in the economy and demographics, older truths and assumptions may longer exist.

How can government ensure they periodically take a hard, deep look at mesofacts?

Mesofacts: slowly changing facts – Home.


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