The Looming Public Employee Pension Crisis

PBS NewsHour

Click the image above for a short video report.

Expect the Minnesota Legislature this coming session to address the issue of increasing contribution rates for public employees and employers under TRA, and PERA in order to make up for investment losses.  The net result for cities, counties and school districts will be increased expenses, which will result in more budget cuts, or increased levies.

Go to Pension Tsunami for more news on public pensions and OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits), which is mostly retiree health care.



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2 responses to “The Looming Public Employee Pension Crisis

  1. sueinmn

    Charities have been sueing the large banks for not protecting their investments, why should taxpayers be stuck with making up these losses when we, ourselves suffer our own losses also. More bailouts but never for those on main street.

  2. Yes, this pits the private sector against the public sector.

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