Minnesota Coalition on Government Information: MNCOGI

Minnesota Coalition on GOvernment Information

“The Minnesota Coalition is a network of individuals and organizations committed to open access to public information in print, electronic and digital forms. Its members include librarians, media representatives, lawyers, community activists, computer professionals, educators and others who care about openness in government, information access and the public’s right to know.”

Minnesota Coalition on Government Information: MNCOGI.



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3 responses to “Minnesota Coalition on Government Information: MNCOGI

  1. Sueinmn

    The public’s right to know!
    Transparency and accountability are often a challenging objection however merit the resolve to achieve.

  2. steve

    I am afraid transparency is dead in Red Wing government. It is obvious in past decisions and recent discussions that they have been pre-discussed. I also believe all workshops should be televised, especially since a council member said that decisions are made in them and that is why there so many 7 – 0 fvotes

  3. sueinmn

    Why must we (taxpayers) pay approx two grand to have an attorney at the city’s side for a week-end workshop? Workshops where agendas are discussed and decisions are made outside the scope of the publics viewing capacity? Hardly seems lawful.

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