MNCOGI: Don Gemberling on Government Info

Here’s a link to several articles on Open Meeting Law and Data Privacy.

MNCOGI: Don Gemberling on Government Info.



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2 responses to “MNCOGI: Don Gemberling on Government Info

  1. sueinmn

    Great article Kent! These few sentences below really highlighted the reading for me.

    Here’s to you all, you quiet squads of persistent citizens, you heroes of democracy.

    Human nature often drives people to seek unfair advantage, and unfair advantage breeds well in the dark, away from the sunlight of public scrutiny. It takes active, persistent people to resist that drive, to protect the principles of open government.

    Here’s also to the many public officials and employees who understand that public
    information belongs to the people, not to the government, and here’s to librarians,
    attorneys, reporters and civic groups who walk the beat for openness.

    What is public?
    “Results of any investigation of a complaint against state agency management personnel”, this one rings a bell!
    The citizens must enforce our rights as government by choice will remain in the quiet of closed doors.

  2. Carol Duff

    I’m at a National League of Cities meeting in D.C. The push is really on, in many ways for open, transparent government with documents that citizens can easily find and access. It’s a hot issue nationally, state and local.

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