How to Avoid Building a FTTX Bridge to Nowhere.

Revenue and Cost Model Imperatives for Sustainable Service Provider Strategy

“Several strategic challenges are mounting for today’s telecom service providers. Amid fighting for share of a fixed if not contracting customer spend on telecoms and entertainment, competition from broadband alternatives continues to force down prices over time in most markets. Changes in end-user behavior, especially in entertainment, are dramatically raising requirements for dedicated, streaming bandwidth and therefore network costs.”

A June 2009 study by Zhone, Inc. Zhone Technologies is a global provider of advanced telecommunication equipment to more than 700 operators in both emerging and established markets. The paper explores changing consumer behavior, such as use of Skype, and Vonage.  It also breaks out consumer use by age groups.  As Red Wing considers Fiber, these factors should be considered.  The median age in Monticello, MN is 9 years younger than Red Wing. How do factors such as age impact Fiber feasibility? Click Zhone for report.



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