Fiberevolution: Know your Needs.

Bottom Line:  Know your community needs; have the right people in place.

If Fiber was all it is promised to be, then every community would have invested in Fiber by now.  A needs assessment is necessary to better understand our community.  Who doesn’t want faster speeds, but who is going to pay for it, and how much?  How much of a public subsidy is involved?  How will off-balance sheet benefits be measured once the network is running?

Fiberevolution: “Broadband Returns are Tenfold the Investment”.



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4 responses to “Fiberevolution: Know your Needs.

  1. sueinmn

    How much of a public subsidy is involved?

    I am betting that will be one question not easily answered by our public officials. While they intend to cut more public services, no doubt they will try to usher in public subsidies for fiber and the few who will really benefit from it.

  2. Maybe we’ll know what the plan is after the May public meeting. Charter is saying 60 Mbps service soon, and Qwest rolling out 40 Mbps DSL too. We’re likely to see 4G wireless from Sprint and AT&T here soon running at 6-7 Mbps.

  3. Carol Duff

    This video is a must for everyone to watch.

    • John Betcher

      I watched the video interview of Michael Curri, consultant, advocating boradband for communities due to off-balance-sheet benefits. I couldn’t agree with him more. Broadband internet service is essential for a community’s healthy business environment.

      ‘Broadband’ internet service is defined by the FCC as a connection speed of 768 kb/s. The more common definition is 256 kb/s. I haven’t kept up with the maximums currently offered in Red Wing by Qwest and Charter, but I know that Qwest offers 7 Mb/s service or greater, and Charter offers at least 10Mb/s service. These speeds are roughly ten times the FCC’s definition of broadband speed.

      IF Red wing did not already have TWO broadband providers, I would support the city installing broadband service.

      I have yet to see a cogent argument for the economic off-balance-sheet viability of INCREASING broadband speeds beyond those which Red Wing already enjoys.

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