Alert: Special Council Meeting on the Budget.

Go here to view the agenda for Monday’s Special City Council Meeting on the budget.  They sure found a lot of ways to find new taxes.  What do you think should be on the table for discussion?

I’ll be posting more on this soon.



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6 responses to “Alert: Special Council Meeting on the Budget.

  1. Anonymous

    It seems funny they (council) can tout the idea of not raising taxes during an election year. However, they almost certainly will raise new fees. Soon our utility bill will look like a Sears catalog.

  2. That’s a great line about the Sears catalog. However, raising property taxes is on the agenda, along with all kinds of fees, like having a fee for having a street light in front of your house.

  3. sueinmn

    We already pay for the street lighting, yet be assured we will pay more. Parking meters~how many years ago were meters removed and why?
    Raising taxes on an already stressed economy will only create more economic hardships. Why will the city managers not consider downsizing staff at the top levels of management? Sooner or later there will be too few workers and too many administrators/department heads all feeling how unjustified it is when they do lose what they must consider as their entitlements. Not raising taxes yet new “fees” are what Gov. Pawlenty practiced and this will be his legacy. The present City Council just doesn’t get it! Prioritizing services, spending and cuts is just a smoke screen as they continue to speak out of both sides of their mouths and do as they please.

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