E.P.A. Violations at the Red Wing Solid Waste Incinerator.

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In a letter dated September 30, 2009, the E.P.A. sent a letter to the City of Red Wing, which in part states:

“This letter advises you that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (or we) has determined that the Red Wing Solid Waste Boiler Facility at 1873 Bench St., Red Wing, MN (Red Wing SWBF) has violated the Clean Air Act (CAA) and the Federal Plan Requirements for Small Municipal Waste Combustion (MWC) Units Constructed On or Before August 30, 1999 (the Small MWC FTP). We have provided below a list of the requirements violated. We are today issuing to you a Finding of Violation (FOV).”

Click the above logo to read the EPA  letter and attached Finding of Violation.

The Finding of Violation specifically addresses excessive release of Cadmium and Mercury into the atmosphere. This issue is not on the Council agenda  for June 14th, but is generally referenced in the Administrator’s report here. The public deserves to know the nature of the alleged violations and the original proposed penalty, where the City is at with negotiations, and how much in attorney’s fees has been spent to date on this issue.   My understanding is that the original penalty was substantial.

As a matter of public policy, these alleged public health violations should have seen the light of day immediately. The public has a right to know, and the City has a duty to inform.   No discussion of this violation was held at the October, 2009 Council meetings, and now is seemingly buried in a status report.  This is not acceptable.



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3 responses to “E.P.A. Violations at the Red Wing Solid Waste Incinerator.

  1. sueinmn

    Anyone surprised?

    City leaders (most) apparently prefer to pat themselves on their backs, defending themselves from the public and their openness in government they proclaim to have.

    Cadmium is extremely toxic even in low concentrations, and will bioaccumulate in organisms and ecosystems.

    Thanks for bringing this to the public Kent! How many other detrimental subjects of public debate have been buried within the city records? Port Authority comes to mind and City Council burying the “truth-be-told” is right on top of my list!

  2. Who decides that the public doesn’t have the right to know that illegal levels of poisons have been released into our air?

  3. sueinmn

    Who decides? We should be asking that very question.
    Who really runs the city? The City Administrator, Council or Mayor? Perhaps the City Attorneys made this another one of those “confidential” reports to prevent the public from being informed of this!

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