Local Governance: City Administrator (via Betsey Buckheit)

Several different people e-mailed me this link to the Faribault Daily News article: Faribault City Council reins in city administrator authority.   The accompanying e-mail messages all said something like: “Look at this!  Interesting, huh?” Faribault’s longtime city administrator (since 1991) is retiring and the Council has been reviewing the relationship of the Council to the administrator as it advertises for a new administrator: Look through t … Read More

via Betsey Buckheit


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One response to “Local Governance: City Administrator (via Betsey Buckheit)

  1. Carol

    A good topic of discussion but also important is for individual council people to direct the work of the council administrator and not hamper the work by micromanaging. I’ve seen that also. Thanks for giving Betsy credit . She has done a wonderful job of blogging while on the council. I am waiting until more near the end of my term. Not that I think I have the answers, but I have lots of questions and thoughts.

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