City of Red Wing Spending Compared

Here you will find Red Wing city spending compared to other cities. This I prepared from data from the Minnesota State Auditor’s Office.  It shows our rank among 225 other cities for General Government spending, Police & Ambulance, and current expenditures.  2008 was the most current data available.  While Red Wing has taken big cuts in LGA, so have other cities.

I used the same cities I’ve used in other comparisons.  Look at the General Government spending per capita.  Does it really cost twice as much to run city government in Red Wing than is does in many other cities?  If so, why?  Is this not an economic development issue?

How is it that from 2003 to 2008, General Government spending went up 62%, at the same time Police and Fire were being cut? The comparison is here.

Here is the combined data from the Auditor’s office from which I drafted the comparisons.

From the State Auditor’s website:

“Minnesota’s truth-in-taxation requirements for local governments provide citizens with information on the proposed distribution of their property tax dollars. This information does not, however, compare different jurisdictions to one another. This report, and the presentation of this data in per capita form, will allow the residents of medium-sized and large cities to put their city’s expenditures into their proper perspective. The comparisons may be used by citizens as a means to improve their understanding of where their tax dollars go and to hold city government accountable for management of city resources.”



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4 responses to “City of Red Wing Spending Compared

  1. The Jamboree

    3302935 + 203 +3706886 +227 + 1108 =$7,011,359: Is that the complete spending Per Capita of shareholds in capital on its spending.

    What would be better: Top of Ranks or bottom for a short term or long term ranking!

    – The Jamboree

  2. This comparison does not include all spending. Just the two categories, and then per capita for overall spending. Adding per capital spending to other numbers is meaningless.

    I don’t know what you mean by top of ranks. I used the same order of cities as previously used.

    • The Jamboree

      Oh: I didn’t know if the City of Red Wing Wing would be better off in a way closer to 1 out of 225 cities or 225 of 225 cities or in the middle on Per Capita spending on general Government!

      – Jambo

  3. Carol

    Well, this destroys one of my reasons for elevated spending compared to other cities. I always thought it was partly because out fire and police needed to be ready if there was an accident at the nuclear plant. Now I find, that we really are not spending much more than other cities in these areas.

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