Municipal Fire Dept. Spending Comparison

For years, we’ve heard it explained that Red Wing City spending is high compared to other cities because of fire protection for the Prairie Island Nuclear Plant and because other cities have volunteer fire departments.

The spreadsheet here undermines that mantra.  Many of the cities listed are spending more than we are per capita.  The comparison does not support the proposition that our municipal spending is higher because we have a nuclear plant in our backyard.

When will elected officials, or candidates for City Council,  demand that the City start explaining its spending?  How can the City explore raising revenue through property tax increases, local sales taxes, or other means, until it can justify its current level of spending?



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2 responses to “Municipal Fire Dept. Spending Comparison

  1. Carol

    Although I very much agree with the premise of deep examination of expenses, the chart needs to separate out cities with a volunteer fire department such as Hastings, from those who have a professional fire department.

    • There are variations in department staffing, but only Northfield and Farmington seem to be of the volunteer type. Hastings has 16 full-time members, 39 paid on-call. Albert Lea is a fully paid. Regardless, the numbers belie the idea that our spending is high because of fire dept. spending.

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