Sorry Fiber Fans, I’ve Got Some Bad News

“More than 70 percent of U.S. broadband customers are happy with their overall service, according to Leichtman Research Group. And just 26 percent are “very interested” in receiving faster speeds at home. Which means that big, bold fiber efforts aren’t supported by today’s consumer demand.”

Sorry Fiber Fans, I’ve Got Some Bad News.



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5 responses to “Sorry Fiber Fans, I’ve Got Some Bad News

  1. It seems there are many more that 26% asking for it, and the 70% doesn’t show up in other studies.

  2. Gaye

    Whether or not consumers NOW want the fiber optic, it should be considered the future. As far as I know, my phone company is starting to install fiber optic in rural areas in preparation for offering associated services–including delivery of TV programming. This will be competition for the satellite services that are now all rural customers have (aside from antennas). The DSL delivery speed for my internet is only a fifth what would be available in a city. And while that is adequate, it certainly won’t be adequate for people who want to work from home and/or who have businesses. Telecommuting in our information society is becoming more and more common and certainly saves on energy and a big variety of ways.

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