Projection: Minnesota Cities Will Be Broke by 2015

“All types of cities in all regions of the state will be unable to pay the bills within the next five years if they continue on their current financial path.”

This statement comes not from some political group,  but the Minnesota League of Cities.  Folks, we are beyond a Nip & Tuck approach to solving our budget problems.

A threshold issue for me this year in voting for a City Council candidate will be which candidate grasps the severity of our predicament; is capable of comprehending difficult financial data; and demonstrates he/she has the political fortitude to make tough, painful, unavoidable decisions.

Click the image to view the report.



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3 responses to “Projection: Minnesota Cities Will Be Broke by 2015

  1. Jambo

    Where and how does the state pay bills and distribute them – Like where these payments are made to

    Are the bills paid-out to the Citizens, Cities, back to the State for State spending, or elsewood?

    Fill us in Professor Kent: For a complete understanding on “How/where a State pay[s] for its bills and distribute – where/how”! (-:

    – Jambo

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