~Charter Ultra 60 is here~

ULTRAFAST ULTRA60 | Introducing Our Fastest Internet Yet! Only available from Charter.

Current prices:  Red Wing Ultra60 $99.00.  WindomNet Fiber 10 Mbps top speed service for $89.95.  Monticello Fiber 50 Mbps top speed at $95.35/ mo.  Winona HBC = top is 30 Mbps for $94.95/mo.  Red Wing now enjoys some of the fastest internet speeds in outstate Minnesota.  It’s time for the City and Port to acknowledge and promote that fact.

Here is a letter from Charter regarding the red carpet treatment Hiawatha Broadband recently received from the City by holding a live video press conference at City Hall.   They are not happy and rightly so.  The Blue Ribbon Panel’s final report noted that Red Wing doesn’t enjoy the best reputation for being business friendly, and then we witness the City give its full-throated support to HBC, whose goal is ostensibly to knock Charter and Qwest out the market. Imagine BIC’s reaction if the City did the same for one of their competitors.



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