City Council to adopt policy on Open Meeting Law and Committees.

On July 12, 2010 the Red Wing City Council is going to take another stab at adopting a policy regarding the application of Open Meeting Law to committee meetings.

The following policy is from the Minnesota School Boards Association, which has been adopted by the Red Wing School District:

“Meeting” means a gathering of at least a quorum or more members of the school board, or quorum of a committee or subcommittee of school board members, at which members discuss, decide, or receive information as a group on issues relating to the official business of the school board.

Every school board in Minnesota applies Open Meeting Law to committees, but for some reason our City Council finds this very troublesome.  Notice the language refers to a quorum of the committee, not of the governing body. One more thing, don’t make an exception for the Agenda Committee.

Update:  The council took a pass on this issue, but it issue is not dead.  It may come up in council elections.



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5 responses to “City Council to adopt policy on Open Meeting Law and Committees.

  1. sueinmn

    What does this city council fear from open meetings? Honesty, integrity or do they simply refuse to acknowledge that they are public servants to the people? Somehow do they feel they are above the little people who pay their wages?
    Below is language from the city website. I wonder if the words “We will deliberately seek out all sides of issues” should be removed to reflect how this council truely feels and insert, “We will deliberately decide what best fits our goals”.

    Open and engaging – We will deliberately seek out all sides of issues and encourage multi-faceted participation from all segments of the community.
    Passion – As ambassadors, we will represent citizens and the organization with pride and enthusiasm.

  2. Steve

    I don’t think the public should be wary of thee “official ” meetings, but instead the inter-council phone calls where decisions are made. If you pay attention to the meeting s on channel 6 it is obvious things are decided beforehand.

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