State Senate District 28 race on Kenyon Leader

The three candidates for State Senate District 28, John Howe, Joe Fricke, and Dr. Bruce Montplaisir respond to questions at the Kenyon Leader here.

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3 responses to “State Senate District 28 race on Kenyon Leader

  1. Sueinmn

    The item that jumped out to me is this quote from candidate John Howe, “My approach will focus on opposing any tax increases that would hurt job growth, and on reducing government rules and regulations that hinder the economy.”
    The part about reducing government rules really brought the neck hairs up. Havent we seen how banks simply cannot regulate themselves from risking others monies, how industry cannot put safety over profits with such an example; the BP oil spill. Cutting corners to gain profits and where did that get them? We need heavy regulation as the masters of “for profit” will always accuse regulation as a stifling effect on economic progress. This guise is used all too often for larger profit shares at the expense of all else and the enviroment.

  2. In defense of the candidates, they are only given 100 words to respond to a question. However, I think you raise very valid points about regulation. What do they candidates mean?

    When candidates talk about controlling spending, what do they really mean, what are they willing to do?

    All candidates favor creating jobs, but what do they believe is government’s role in creating those jobs.

  3. Jambo

    Is there a guide book for a running Senate: Or just refer to League of Minnesota Cities for a guide?

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