Red Wing City Spending

“The City Council requests your help in identifying ways to cut city services and/or enhance revenues.”

I don’t recall the City Council voting to say compensation issues were off the table, so don’t limit your responses to cutting services or raising taxes and fees.

How about starting with a comparison of our City spending with other cities.

Your Ideas Are Valued – City of Red Wing Minnesota.



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4 responses to “Red Wing City Spending

  1. Jambo

    That is way kewl City is doing this; I’m just interested on Kents plan!


  2. Sueinmn

    Well Kent the city did away with its montly paper and instead of laying off, they placed this employee into a position with the city administrator because it’s an election year and they have much to do. Not that I’m for any more lay offs but the fact of concerns are; this city refuses to lay off its own top heavy administration. They have no quams laying off union employees when cutting services but NEVER those in administration. They give furloughs yet allow these furloughed employees to work in administration to make up for lost hours. They will have no qualms cutting services to the people yet will maintain a heavy administration. While they are all kept busy patting one another on their backs for jobs well done, they ignor the reality of todays economics requiring downsizing accountability and transparency. Unless we have new faces elected this fall, more of the same will occur.
    As far as the City Council wants your help identifying ways to cut or enhance revenue, they will provide a list of their choosing only to cut from. Weve seen this before. They really do not want input of our own as we have seen that before. So the subject is moot!

  3. Kent, I agree with you on downsizing. And unless compensation is cut, more employees will need to be cut. I guess that will be their choice. Megan, who did much of the Current, is leaving for a new job at X-cel. She is not being replaced.

  4. Sueinmn

    Carol, here is a bit of humor for you to read.

    A City Outsources Everything. Sky Doesn’t Fall.

    Seriously, this might save us money as what percent of the annual budget is the cost of all the city employees?

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