The Voices of Red Wing

“We are a group of regular citizens of Red Wing who love our town and work to help make Red Wing a better place to live, to work and to retire.”

“The principles of what has made this community special for over 150 years are core to us. Each of us has ties to our community that make it special and drive us to take steps to preserve these values.”

Click the banner to visit their website.  Current Issues includes a discussion of the conservation easement currently being debated in Red Wing.  I’ve also added their link to their website on the right, under City of Red Wing.



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9 responses to “The Voices of Red Wing

  1. sueinmn

    Finally a citizens group looking out for the best interests of this city and its about time! Is this not why we have elected officials? Perhaps citizens will take notice and elect new faces to the council.

  2. Steve

    The voices is a varied group with no certain agenda. Possibly the main thing is transparency in local gov’t. Right now our issue is with the conservation easement, we think it should be put on the November ballot. The group, led by the planner, seem to think the vast majority or Red Wingites are supportive. They cite the number of people at the various meetings on the riverfront, they neglect to say these meetings were all pre-easement. Since the easement has come up there have not been any large meetings, possibly because of lack of notification. At any rate the group “Voices” meets on Tuesdays at 9:00AM at the Senior center all are welcome, the only qualifications are a love of Red Wing and working to achieve a prosperous Red Wing. See you there.

    • I assume the Council would have to act quickly in order to get a referendum on the ballot in November.

      Proponents of the easement cite an older survey that they say shows overwhelming support for the easement, yet they object to a referendum, which is a form of a survey, just that it’s binding.

  3. Steve

    I should have mentioned the “Voices” are circulating a petition for Red Wing Citizens to sign to put the issue on the ballot. This petition is neither supportive or contrary to the easement, simply let the citizens decide. Some of the council claim to listen to the people, sign our petition and lets see.

    • Who should people contact if they wish to sign the petition?

    • Jambo

      Steve: In all reality: Council Brings descriptive reality: Next from and into the impossible and unimpossible; Seat of Mayor

      So it be: “Mayor” – Conclude for the council members to take what is at hand of issue and get most help needed from public citizens?

  4. Kenneth Bush: City Council Candidate At Large 2010

    I am very interested in this debate.

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