Budget big picture (via Betsey Buckheit)

Budget big picture My high school Latin teacher, Mr League, used to ask "Do you get the BIG picture…or just the pretty picture?"  where only getting the pretty picture meant you were failing to place an answer in its appropriate context and, consequently, missing the point.  The picture of the budget we have been receiving has certainly not been the big picture, so it meets Mr League's definition of a pretty picture, but the budget outlook is not pretty at all. O … Read More

via Betsey Buckheit


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One response to “Budget big picture (via Betsey Buckheit)

  1. It’s hard to see but also notice her picture of diving in with the shark. Diving in with the sharks is certainly where we are at this year. I notice that Betsy listed some big players for that financial committee. Don’t forget the basic citizen of your community who may be more dependent on the city than ever…….and may also be paying a bigger percentage of their income than the big players. You need both.

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