Fixing Social Security & Medicare


“Getting our fiscal houses in order will set the stage for long-term global economic growth that would reap dividends far beyond the personal sacrifices that most Americans would face to get us there. Once again, we would be world leaders, and both parties can claim victory by putting their differences aside in the national interest.”

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2 responses to “Fixing Social Security & Medicare

  1. sueinmn

    My first thought is to remove the caps on SS. Pay according to earnings! Enough breaks for the high wage earners!

    Now I will go read the story.

  2. sueinmn

    Had it not been borrowed from, it would be self sustaining, remember its a trust fund not a general fund. (IOUs do not earn investment returns.) Had they cleaned up fraud issues, it would relieve much burden and stop giving SS to those who have not earned their share. (I wont go there as I prefer not to be labeled!)
    The Repubs method of allowing you to pay into your own personal fund, well today we see what became of much of our 401s. Allowing Wallstreet gambling to profit off our losses is whats wrong today. Seniors and the disabled need to know that a social safety net is there rather than being thrown to the streets! So I ask how the heck is this “new plan” of theirs ever going to work? People struggling from pay check to paycheck will not be able to put enough away and if its similar to your 401k, well we all see how we lost our pants in the stock market. Repubs were against SS when it was born and will always make attempts to do away with it. The Repubs way is to have smaller government, I can understand that as government has grown too large but the opposite of that appears to allow corporations to be in control as they are making strong attempts today. The Supreme Courts really screwed the people as they handed down their decision to “humanize” corps!
    Clean up what we have today, remove the cap and regulate strickly. I would be willing to pay more to know its there for all of us and I strongly feel those who earn more should also pay more. Why should the lower wage earners bear the burden all the time? Most Industrialized nations have social safety nets for the masses, what is wrong with americans today? Personal greed has reared its ugly head and refuses to leave!

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