The FICA Free-Lunch Crowd


“I value public service highly, and have immense respect for the important work these employees perform. But the current arrangement is indefensible. Reform here is necessary and unavoidable if we are to genuinely preserve retirement security and not perpetuate a tax sham. If the professional associations can proffer a better way for this unduly privileged sub-population to make the Social Security trust funds and American taxpayers whole, I’ll happily showcase it here in a future column.”


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One response to “The FICA Free-Lunch Crowd

  1. Jambo

    Good find! I wanna do public service for a feeling to be in high regaurds to my ability to make my living: It is just finding a way out from that collection of disability income: I feel i’m capable to work with my sickness while under medications. I’m to the point that it is the help I need where finding a career is a main goal and a plan I must attain too. But I do think SS needs reform, but i’m stump on how so!

    – Jambo

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