Lisa Margonelli: The political chemistry of oil | Video on

In the Gulf oil spill’s aftermath, Lisa Margonelli says drilling moratoriums and executive ousters make for good theater, but distract from the issue at its heart: our unrestrained oil consumption. She shares her bold plan to wean America off of oil — by confronting consumers with its real cost.


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  1. Gaye

    “Unrestrained oil consumption.” Hmmm….where did that start? With the car companies which continue to produce gas guzzling cars and with consumers in love with SUVs. With Americans who must DRIVE to work because corporations and the government cannot fully embrace telecommuting. With a lack of support for alternative technologies to fuel cars (that technology is out there and being used in other parts of the world). With a lack of convenient mass transit (remember the cable cars in the large cities that were eliminated?) Unrestrained oil consumption is now basic to the American culture. Tough to radically change that culture now after decades upon decades of corporate propaganda for individuals to drive cars fueled by gasoline. Also tough to change the culture because those same corporations are addicted to the massive profits from oil and gasoline production. It’s all about the money and corporate greed.

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