City of Red Wing 2003-2008 Spending

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I compared City spending in 2008 to that of 2003 and found some interesting trends. 2003 v. 2008

From 2003-2008, spending in real dollars, not inflation adjusted, for Police dropped 15%. Fire Dept. spending dropped 27%. However, during the same period, Library spending increased 16%, and General Government spending, (think administration), soared 62%.


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One response to “City of Red Wing 2003-2008 Spending

  1. sueinmn

    As long as the “players” remain the same, the spending will continue to increase. (think administration-soaring 62%)
    The Port continues to rely on general transfers and now is asking for a 4% increase of levy amounts. How many people should be allowed to remain in position of authority if they cannot balance their sheets?
    Voters need to take notice of where and how their public monies are spent and demand change!

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