Spin City

The point of this post is not to argue the amount of the Red Wing Library’s budget, but rather to challenge the assertion that our library has been gutted.
“It shouldn’t be hard for people to understand,” said Marshall Hallock, Finance Director of Red Wing, of the impact of LGA cuts during Tim Pawlenty’s two terms as governor. “We’ve gutted our library, made a 13 percent cut in the workforce, cut everywhere.”  (from  MinnPost.com Feb. 25, 2011)  Comments made in St. Paul at a gathering of local officials opposing cuts to LGA.
From the City’s official website, the Red Wing Library budget spending for 2011 is $1,134,568.  In 2000, it was $747,255.  A 51.8% increase.
We are spending almost $400,000 every year more than we were only a few years ago.
So, where is the gutting?

This is part of a much larger problem. Your tax dollars are being spent by the City to hire lobbyists, who in turn, write talking points for the City to use to scare you into believing that there are only two choices in response to cuts to local government aid (LGA).  The City is telling you that if LGA is cut, you either get increased property taxes, or we are going to axe your city services.



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5 responses to “Spin City

  1. Esteban of Puerto Vallarta

    So…have you had this discussion w/Lisa Bailey? Being as she’s posturing herself as Amy Klobuchar did 4 years ago. Wouldn’t it be interesting to ask her via an open letter to the council in the R-E? I’d love to hear her answer.

  2. Steve

    It is true LGA has been cut again, the council doesn’t seem to understand that when you sugar daddy dies you must make changes. I don’t think they understand a lot of hard decisions have to be made and most of it in discretionary spending. Their has been budget concerns since 1980’s when LGA became a tool for the state, the present council members think this is a new problem. The present council can not make a decision, someone else has to make it and then tell them to act. The only budget discussion they had this past year was when the Mayor vetoed it and they had to discus his cuts and accept them.

  3. Last year the idea of consolidating the I.T. Depts. of the City, County, and School district came up. It went nowhere.
    Carol Duff proposed looking into a plan to award employees for cost saving measures and effective innovations. Even that simple suggestion went nowhere.
    There was moment last year at a Council meeting that seems to capture the impasse. The Council Administrator asked the Council what they wanted cut, and the Council President asked her what she thought should be cut. So, whose job is it anyway?

  4. Have you sent a link to this as a response to the Minnpost article? They should know about the information that they post.

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