Who is Red Wing?

Place is now one of the most important factors in determining where people choose to live and where businesses decide to locate. Future economic growth will be determined more by place and less by factors such as rail access, interstate highways, etc. For much of rural America,  place is where college graduates return to start a business, raise a family.

Who is Red Wing?  Red Wing is a place where voters overwhelmingly voted to build a golf course so that all of the public, including women, factory workers, and the not so wealthy, always had a place to golf.  It’s a place where voters by 85% decided to restore the historic T. B. Sheldon Auditorium, thus ensuring for generations a vibrant arts community.   It’s a place where just last year a conservation easement was established to set aside valuable riverfront land from development.

Red Wing is a place where citizens have a vision for their city. My hope is that Red Wing does not become a place where short-term economic issues rule the day. I hope when the question is asked 50 years from now, who is Red Wing, the answer will be the same as it is today.


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