Audio from MN Senate on Sale of Mississippi National Golf Links

Here is the audio from the hearing on SF 779 for the City’s proposed sale.  Scroll down to 3/23/11 Local Govt. & Elections link. The audio starts with the bill, then it is laid aside and picked up again at about 32 minutes into the audio. Marshall Hallock, Brian Peterson and council member Peggy Rehder testified on behalf of the city.

After a lengthy discussion, the City three people from Red Wing were successful in opposing a requirement that the sale be public.  I say three people instead of the “City” because the City Council never voted to send the bill to the legislature, never voted on the language of the bill, and never voted on the proposed amendments.

So, were Peggy Rehder, Marshall Hallock, and Brian Peterson Marshall speaking for themselves?  If they were speaking for the city, then the city is officially opposed to a public sale.

On one hand the city argues it has been looking into selling the golf course for two years, but now argues it doesn’t have time for a public sale because of financial issues.


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