Who Benefits from the Sale of Mississippi National Golf Links?

I’ve been reviewing Red Wing city budget numbers, and I have to ask; who benefits from the sale of MNGL?

The City spends roughly $2,000,000 a year on Parks & Rec.  Admittedly, a significant part of the city’s budget.  Included in this budget is A.P. Anderson Park, Colvill Park, Aquatic Center, etc.  So why is MNGL being singled out?  We have a net loss on average of about $200,000 a year on the Aquatic Center, all other parks are losses in this context.  Again, why MNGL singled out?

If we were to choose which park, pool, or golf course draws more people, (economic activity) to Red Wing, I think we’d all quickly agree MNGL.  To what extent do visitors to the pool come from out of town and use our lodging, eat in our restaurants, and shop?  Few at best I’d bet.

Same for A.P. Anderson Park.  Sure, there are teams that come to town for softball and Little League tournaments, but does that even come close to rivaling the economic impact of MNGL? I doubt it.

If we were to rank these recreational venues in terms of positive economic impact, wouldn’t MNGL have to come out on top?  Stated another way, what would be the impact on local shops, restaurants, and lodging if we were to lose MNGL?

So what is really driving the sale of MNGL? Why would the City take the risk of selling this incredible public asset to a private party who might have future intentions other than operating a public golf course?



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3 responses to “Who Benefits from the Sale of Mississippi National Golf Links?

  1. Steve

    So what is really driving the sale of MNGL? Little minds are driving this sale…those with little foresight, those whose backs are to the wall, those in a financial corner that can’t see any other way to make a possible quick buck for the short term.

  2. It’s troubling that it seems to take a massive public effort to get the Council to look at the issue in the broader context. It calls into question who the Council represents.

  3. sue

    Has there ever been any question as to who the council represents? It certainly has been shown time and again not to be those who elected them.

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