Appraisal | Sale of Mississippi National Golf Links

I guess citizens, who are the owners of the golf course,  aren’t entitled to know how little the City is willing to accept on the sale, as the City redacted the hell out of this.

City Council Considers the Sale of Mississippi National Golf Links – City of Red Wing Minnesota.



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5 responses to “Appraisal | Sale of Mississippi National Golf Links

  1. Erik

    “open and transparent process”

    If I ever asked myself a question like, “I wonder what a 150 page appraisal that says nothing looks like?”, I now have my answer.

  2. I’m still at a loss to understand what the point is in posting this appraisal that is void of what anyone would want to see, namely, the appraised value.

  3. Diane McGowan

    The appraiser states he is not aware of any new courses built in the general area since 2000. Somerby in Byron was built in 2004. It is a Tom Lehman course with private memberships. I live in Rochester and I feel that Byron and Rochester are in the “general area” of Red Wing. Less than an hour drive for a round of golf and better yet, a public golf course open to all, in Red Wing, must stay as PUBLIC. Where did the appraiser get his information from?

  4. Duffy

    Why would someone want to sell something that has a value of over two million dollars for literally nothing. Worse case scenario of an auction should bring about $800,000 minimum. All “city” has left to do is start using “toxic asset” in their spiel.

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