Mayor’s Liaison to Red Wing School Board

Red Wing council members serve as liaisons to various boards and commissions, such as the Port Authority, Planning Commission, etc.  They serve an important function.

It’s high time we have a liaison between City government and the Red Wing  School Board. So much effort and money goes into economic development, but there is no connection with our schools.  This must change.  The Mayor should appoint a non-elected, independent citizen  to serve as liaison to the school board.

The City Council and Port Authority Board are having a summit on economic development Monday, May 2, 2011 at 6:00 p.m., at the Public Library.  Absent from the agenda is a discussion of the vital role our schools play in our long-term economic development.

Hopefully, Mayor Egan will soon announce the creation of the position.

 Mayor’s Liaison to Red Wing Public Schools.


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One response to “Mayor’s Liaison to Red Wing School Board

  1. The next liaison could be to the Goodhue County board.

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