Audio | Rep. Tim Kelly Speaking Against Constitutional Ban on Same Sex Marriage

Representative Tim Kelly

May 21, 2011 Audio of Rep. Tim Kelly (R-Red Wing) speaking on the Minnesota House floor against the adoption of the Constitutional Amendment to recognize marriage solely as between one man and one woman.




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8 responses to “Audio | Rep. Tim Kelly Speaking Against Constitutional Ban on Same Sex Marriage

  1. What a speech…one to save forever!

  2. Chris

    Thanks to Rep. Kelly. He was the only Republican who bothered to reply to my email on this issue, and I’m not even his constituent. If I could, I would shake his hand and say thank you.

  3. Deb

    WOW! Very Impressed!

  4. sue

    We can only hope that all citizens of MN will be offered their due constitutional rights. Who am I to decide someone elses future and happiness? Who are you to decide? Lets take this state forward, lets not be bigots.

  5. Alice

    I’m so grateful for people like Rep. Kelly who think beyond the party line.
    Thank you.

  6. Rich, St. Paul

    Thank you Rep. Kelly for defending the liberty of “We the People” in our Constitutional Republic in your support for an individual’s fundamental right to marry the person she or he chooses. Other Republicans, conservatives and libertarians who support marriage equality may be interested in listening on YouTube to speeches at The Cato Institute about ending this last area of government-sanctioned discrimination against a group of our citizens.

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