This blog is about issues related to Red Wing, MN and issues that relate to many cities.


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  1. Randall Cook

    This week I visited Red Wing City Hall and the Goodhue Co Bldg. to find the union contracts. I can’t find them anywhere on their websites. They both offered me a room to sit in to look at them and I politely suggested that didn’t seem to convenient to myself. I found the Ramsey county contracts on their website. Is this normal? To not put these contracts out publicly like they do much of the meaningless gobbledygook on their websites, and the contracts that are negotiated for and saddled on the backs of taxpayers is so conveniently hidden. And no wage or pay scales can be found for the city or school district or county. I emailed a county commisioner and the Red Wing administrator on 7/27/10 and have yet to hear from either. I’m not holding my breath.

    • It is difficult to find specific documents online. For the City, they are contained in the Council packets on LaserFiche. Then try to narrow the search by year or even month. The alternative is a data request and pay for copies. I agree, these are important documents that are either expensive to obtain or difficult to find online. Use search words like “matrix” to narrow your search.

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