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$9 Million Question: Biosolids

The City should look into the feasibility of partnering with, and investing in,  the Ellsworth, WI  biosolids facilit

Ellsworth just invested $900,000 in their facility and might be very open to a partnership.  Put egos aside and take a hard look at this option.  City, don’t feed us all the reasons why this won’t work. Tell us how you can make this happen.

Our thinking must not stop at the city boundary, the county line,  or the shores of the Mississippi.  We can’t afford to be provincial.  This could be a win-win for taxpayers on both sides of the river.

p.s. City Council President Schultz testified on biosolids at the Legislature on January 25th.  Read it here.



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Bio-Solids and Open Meeting Law

From the December 14, 2009 City Council Agenda:

13 Motion to Go Into Closed Session

b. Proposed purchase of land located at 6063 Mt Carmel Road Red Wing MN for the purpose of preserving land to spread Bio-solids.

Nowhere else in the agenda is the bio-solids issue discussed. So what happens is that what should be a public discussion of building a treatment facility, buying land somewhere else, etc., is swallowed up in the closed session, where only a purchase price should be discussed.  We are denied hearing council members concerns, questions, comments. The Council spent one hour in closed session.  We can only speculate as to what was discussed other than a purchase price.

It can’t be stated often enough:

The Open Meeting Law serves several purposes:

(1) “to prohibit actions being taken at a secret meeting where it is impossible for the interested public to become fully informed concerning [public bodies’] decisions or to detect improper influences”; (2) “to assure the public’s right to be informed”; and (3) “to afford the public an opportunity to present its views to the [public body].”

St. Cloud Newspapers, Inc. v. Dist. 742 Cmty. Schs., 332 N.W.2d 1, 4 (Minn. 1983)


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