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An Innovative Proposal for Red Wing – a New Public/Private Partnership

Today, the Red Wing Municipal Golf Corporation (a non-profit corp.) released its proposal to the city of Red Wing for the management and operation of Mississippi National Golf Links (MNGL). The city of Red Wing is considering selling MNGL in order to address budgetary pressures.

This substantive proposal is an example of the possibilities available to communities searching for new ways to thrive in these challenging economic times. Beyond the obvious financial issues, the potential intangible benefit to communities of such private/public efforts is enormous. An engaged public is what very well may make the difference between those cities that stagnate, too focused on the bottom line, and those cities that embrace change and prosper.

View the proposal here.

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How public golf courses can play through the recession

National Recreation & Park Association

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River Revival | Working together to save the Minnesota River





Sunday, June 12, @ 6PM, on KARE 11 TV. Also various viewing parties, including Red Wing.  See link above.






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Steve Jobs Presents to the City Council (6/7/11)


Cupertino, CA that is.

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The Fight Over Fracking | Rolling Stone Politics

Rolling Stone

The Fight Over Fracking | Rolling Stone Politics.

“In essence, fracking involves shooting large volumes of water and sand laced with dozens of exotic toxins at extremely high pressure into the shale thousands of feet beneath the surface. This releases the raw gas for retrieval and refining. But the toxic waste remains a problem both above and below ground. Much of it is recovered and stored in what are often unguarded, open-air chemical sludge pools near the drilling site. The rest of the wastewater, sometimes up to half, remains underground, where it can contaminate nearby water tables and seep into the environment in ways that are still not completely understood. “We know there are significant risks associated with … the pollutants involved in fracking,” says Anthony Ingraffea, a rock-fracture mechanics expert at Cornell University. “These drilling techniques result in amounts of toxic matter so large – in solid, gas, and liquid states – that, in effect, everybody is ‘downstream.’ You can’t get far enough away.”

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Make It in America: The Case for Re-Inventing the Economy – Book TV

“In MAKE IT IN AMERICA: The Case for Reinventing the Economy, Andrew Liveris — Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company—offers a thoughtful and passionate argument that America’s future economic growth and prosperity depends on the strength of its manufacturing sector.” The book

  • Explains how a manufacturing sector creates economic value at a scale unmatched by any other, and how central the sector is to creating jobs both inside and outside the factory.
  • Explores how other nations are building their manufacturing sectors to stay competitive in the global economy, and describes how America has failed to keep up.
  • Provides an aggressive, practical and comprehensive agenda that will put the U.S. back on track to lead the world.

Economics – Make It in America: The Case for Re-Inventing the Economy – Book TV.

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Ban thinking of “Civic Engagement?”

“As soon as the phrase ‘civic engagement’ enters a conversation people become activity happy. Right away, you’ll hear them launch into an animated discussion of how many forums they want to hold, the number of flip charts they need, how many different color magic markers they want (and whether they are scented!), and concern over what to do with all the pages of newsprint they put up on the wall. It’s enough to drive me crazy.”

“Somewhere in the litany of activities we lose sight of our real purpose and the real people that we profess to care about. We push aside what we must actually learn from people; what we’ll do with what we learn; and the kinds of pathways into the community people are seeking to create for themselves. Instead, “people” become props in our process.”


Click the image to visit the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation.

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